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Finally I’ve decided to finish one of the shots that are part of the chase sequence I was planning on doing.

[Still Frame]

Not too long after getting into 3D, I was fascinated by the fact of mixing real elements in a new context to come up with new meanings.  A previous example of that is my Hope-Phone clip, which is actually not a phone. Back then, looking for references and inspiration, I’ve found Chema Madoz (actually, a good friend of mine and great artist told me about him), a Spanish photographer who I really admire now. I love his work and his ideas. So, ‘following that path’ is something that I’m very interested in, with the difference of using 3D instead of photography as the way to show those ideas.
This is the first one of several clips that I would like to do, as a tribute to Madoz. It’s based in one of his photos, hence one of his ideas.

[Still Frame]

Just an idea for the reel title intro.

This is a short and rough preview to show how a car sequence that I’m working on is coming along. This is just the first test I’ve made and I’m still working on it. A lot of things to finish/fix/change/etc… Trying to find a way to make the motion blur to look good in post without motion vector passes, since the software I’m using doesn’t support them. It obviously doesn’t work very well for this shot in an automatic way, and trying to use tracking markers didn’t help much in this particular case either.
Kind of thinking about ‘The Gumball Rally’ (1976) while developing the shots… we’ll see.

[Still frame]

This shot is another test for my animated short film A Robot’s Life, a personal project that I’m working on. The character in this shot is one of the three characters that are part of the story. The background is the exterior part of one of the main locations in the film. It will hopefully be finished after tweaking/fixing a couple of things and render it again in higher size/quality. Character animation by Jordi Girones aka “Giro”.

This prop is part of one of the sets from my short film A Robot’s Life, a personal project currently in production. This is just a test, which means that this shot is not part of the story.

This car is part of a chase sequence that I’m working on: