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Here’s a clip, some still shots and some concepts about my short film “A Robot’s Life”, which is currently (and it’s been for a while now) under development (Bot-Crab character animation in this clip by Jordi Girones):

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So I’m putting my reel together with some personal work samples (some of those that I’ve been posting in this blog), and here’s how’s coming along. A couple of scenes that I’m working on right now will be added soon.

This shot is another test for my animated short film A Robot’s Life, a personal project that I’m working on. The character in this shot is one of the three characters that are part of the story. The background is the exterior part of one of the main locations in the film. It will hopefully be finished after tweaking/fixing a couple of things and render it again in higher size/quality. Character animation by Jordi Girones aka “Giro”.

This prop is part of one of the sets from my short film A Robot’s Life, a personal project currently in production. This is just a test, which means that this shot is not part of the story.