What is moma?
moma is a bridge between Autodesk Maya / The Foundry Mari and Luxology modo that allows you to use modo’s renderer/Preview and generate fully featured LXO scene files right from inside Maya/Mari.


Where can I see more?

You can get updates on my Twitter timeline about its development, and also some quick videos showing some of its features on my Screenr and Youtube channels. Here are some quick videos showing some of moma’s features and its development progress:



What is supported?
Check moma’s release notes, which get updated after every release, to get an idea of what you can do with moma.


What are the requirements?

– Windows 7, Vista, XP
– Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) – Mari only!
– modo 601, modo 701, modo 801
– Maya 2012 Subscription Advantage Pack, Maya 2013, Maya 2014, Maya 2015
– Mari 1.6v1, Mari 2.0v1, Mari 2.5, Mari 2.6v1

– An image sequence player with command line access that supports multilayered EXR (RV, PDPlayer, etc…) . There are a few free image sequence players that I tested with moma, like JefeCheckmrViewer and DJV
– Photoshop (to open multilayered PSD renders from within moma)


How much does it cost?
moma is currently released under GPL, and it’s free for commercial and personal use.


Where can I get it?
Right here…