moma v0.7.75 by Jacobo Barreiro moma is a bridge between Autodesk Maya / The Foundry Mari and Luxology modo that allows you to use modo’s renderer/Preview and generate fully featured LXO scene files right from inside Maya/Mari.

modosock by Gwynne Reddick ordereddict by Raymond Hettinger configobj by Michael Foord and Nicola Larosa Thanks to LightmapLuxology and The Foundry teams Special thanks to Simon Smith, Pol Jeremias, Gwynne Reddick, Matt Cox, Pete Segal, Brian Bullock, Andrew Helmer, Joe Angell and Brad Peebler   Release Notes
v0.7.75 NOTE: Mari 2.0v2 introduced a bug that makes not possible for moma to update the camera view in Preview when navigating in Mari. That's fixed in Mari 2.5v1b7. If you use any release in between, a manual refresh mechanism has been added in moma. So when navigating in Mari's viewport, just hit the space bar (default shortcut) and Preview will be refreshed. In this situation you won't need to use the Link/Unlink Camera options. - [Mari] moma for Mari Linux support! (Alpha state. Tested on Ubuntu 12.04.1 and CentOS 6) - [Mari] moma script editor (Tools tab) that allows you to write, save, load and execute modo scripts that will affect to the current open scene. - [Mari] If patches are selected when pushing the current channel to modo, only those will be pushed (baked/exported/loaded), which will help to speed up feedback when dealing with an asset with many patches. If there are none selected, all patches will be pushed (not available in Mari 2.0v1). - [Mari] Option to set an existing LXO scene (Tools tab) as the current project scene to use by Mari - [Mari] Option to manually force refreshing ('refresh' in Tools tab, or 'refresh moma' in 'moma' top menu). Default shortcut is 'Space' bar. It can be changed in Edit -> Shortcuts -> Scripts - [Mari] When trying to delete an lxo file it will show a message dialog box to warn you if the file was locked and it couldn't be deleted - [Mari] Parameter to rotate sun or environment (HDR Light Studio tab) - [Mari] Bug fixed that caused FoV not to be updated when moving the camera - [Mari] Bug fixed that caused 'subdiv/poly' option not to affect all geometry versions - [Mari] Other minor bugs fixed - [Preview] Preview window ported to Linux and OS X, besides Windows v0.7.7 - [Mari] HDR Light Studio Live support! - [Mari] LXO scene file will get saved as well when Mari's current project is saved - [Mari] Option to recover a modo scene (if something goes wrong) from a backup ('Tools' tab) - [Mari] When quitting moma ('quit' button), besides the LXO file being saved automatically, a backup scene will be created as well - [Mari] Improvement to update channels visibility in moma's UI list after an existing modo scene is being loaded when using the 'cache' button - [Mari] Bug fixed that caused an .obj not to get imported correctly if it was picked from the file dialog that shows up only when the original .obj couldn't be found - [All] Code changes towards supporting Linux and OS X, besides Windows - [All] A bit more of code clean up v0.7.69 - [Mari] 'push all channels' tool (Tools tab) that will push all channels at once to modo - [Mari] 'Quit' will close modo instance even if the scene hasn't been cached yet - [Mari] Minor improvements - [Maya] When a node is added from the 'Shader Tree Viewer' (Add Selected Node), the list content will refresh automatically - [Maya] When layers order are changed ('Move Up', 'Move Down') in 'Shader Tree Viewer', it will update in Preview automatically - [Maya] Better handling of what happens when trying to enable/disable Preview when the scene hasn't been cached yet - [All] More code clean up v0.7.68 - [Maya] 'Sub Division Mesh' and 'Interpolate Boundary' tags are now part of a shape node by default - [Maya] moma won't open and will warn you if the needed ports are already being in use - [Maya] Concrete procedural added (simply by using 'modo Procedural Node Builder' included in moma) - [Maya] When converting Maya materials to modo materials, diffuse color will be transfered as well - [Maya] Sun light and background visibility are enabled by default now - [Maya] Connection stability improvements - [Maya] Bug fixed that caused an error when caching/rendering if the data folder had blank spaces in it - [Maya] Bug fixed that caused an error when closing moma if it couldn't delete some of the temp files - [Maya] Bug fixed that caused objects tranformation in Maya not to update in Preview in certain situations - [Mari] Default ports changed - [Mari] A couple of minor bugs fixed - [All] Quite a bit of code clean up v0.7.65 - [Mari] modo skin material support added besides modo's default BRDF material - [Mari] List of available modo channels (effects) shows now their full name instead of modo's internal name - [Mari] Bug fixed in Mari's automatic installer that created the path with a typo v0.7.64 - [Mari] Ability to reduce the resolution of the textures when sent to modo but keeping the original size in Mari's channels to significantly improve previewing feedback when dealing with high res textures and/or multiple patches - [Mari] Option to setup modo's path from the 'Preferences' tab - [Mari] Option to delete the .ini preferences file that will reset preferences next time moma is launched - [Mari] Button to 'save preferences' instead of them being saved when parameters changed - [Mari] Status bar can be used to enter and run modo commands - [Mari] Bug fixed that caused ports in preferences not to get saved when changed - [Maya] Bug fixed that caused an error when running moma's 'Maya material to modo Shader' tool in Maya 2014 v0.7.63 - [Mari] Option to choose the texture format to use: bmp, exr, jpeg, jpg, png, tga, tif, tiff (default is tif) - [Mari] 'Auto Push' option (preferences tab) that will make the current texture to be pushed automatically to modo when baking the paint buffer in Mari - [Mari] Check for illegal characters in object's name before caching to avoid issues down the line - [Mari] Important internal changes in the code structure for easier scalability and maintenance - [Mari] Fixed bug on visibility buttons (show/hide) that caused to only affect to the first UV patch and not the rest - [Mari] Fancy new icons in the UI - [modo] 'Scale' value in moma Tools affects to geometry sent to Mari, besides the one sent to Maya v0.7.62 - [Mari] Bug fixed that caused moma not to work after quitting it for the first time unless Mari was restarted - [modo] Bug fixed in moma Tools that caused an error when hitting 'Send to Mari' if nothing was selected instead of just saying so v0.7.61 - [Mari] New 'tools' and 'preferences' tabs - [Mari] Option to open the lxo file folder, delete the lxo file or copy its path to the clipboard ('tools' tab) - [Mari] Option to specify the ports to use with modo/Preview ('preferences' tab) - [Mari] Bug fixed that caused some random error due to certain used syntax (meant for modo GUI) in some modo commands - [Mari] Bug fixed that caused objects to be hidden by default when sent to from modo to Mari having the default name 'Mesh' - [Mari] Bug fixed that caused not to be able to connect to modo if the 'preview' button was hit before caching the scene ('cache' button) v0.7.6 - moma for Mari first alpha release! (tested in Mari 1.6v1 and 2.0v1) - No name needs to be set in moma Tools to send objects to Mari in moma Tools. Iit will get the name from the first layer selected. - Several bugs fixed in moma Tools (modo) v0.7.52 - 'Cache' and 'Preview' buttons added on top of the 'Render' button for easier access to those functions - Bug fixed that caused extension to be .png16 instead of .png when swithing the extension type to PNG16 - Bug that caused 'Open render in player' function to ignore the path specified in the 'render' field (AOV tab) v0.7.51 - moma Tools (modo) includes settings to open/close a port to accept incoming connections v0.7.5 - Compatibility with Maya 2014 - Support for sending geometry from modo to Mari (moma Tools in modo) as New Project, New Object or New Version - Store Preview snapshots in Maya's render viewer (RMB Menu -> Preview Snapshot) - moma released as open source - Bug fixed that caused current frame not to be updated in Preview when scrubbing the timeline - Bug fixed that caused a couple of settings (render size, render path...) not to be loaded properly with the scene - Bug fixed that caused subdivision type not to be applied in certain situations when having many objects selectedv0.7.4 - 'Background Render' option, that allows to run a render without blocking Maya, so it's possible to keep working (Shift + Render) - If HDR Light Studio Live plugin for Maya is installed, it will automatically run when setting environment type to "HDR Light Studio" in moma - Warning message when not having persmissions to save Alembic file in Maya's scene folder ('Copy Alembic to Scene Folder') - Bug fixed that caused an error when trying to delete a node connected to a scalar input from the Shader Tree Viewer v0.7.3 - HDR Light Studio 4.1 Live script adapted to support moma is now included (hdrls folder) - Bug fixed that caused existing material mattes to be removed when copying node values from the Shader Tree Viewer - Bug fixed that was introduced in v0.7.2 and caused an error when rendering without 'Caching Scene' first. - Bug fixed that was introduced in v0.7.2 and caused an error when rendering having 'Render Cells' enabled - Bug fixed that caused moma to lose connection when using 'Render Cells' more than once v0.7.2 - Improved socket connection handling to adapt to changes made in 701 in the way they handle socket connections, and to avoid losing connection for no apparent reason in modo 701 and higher. This also resulted in a slightly faster and more robust connection experience. - Copy/Paste options in Shader Tree Viewer to copy and paste node parameters - Bug fixed in modo Procedural Node Builder that caused a value not to be written correctly, which caused an error when pasting shading nodes values from one to another one. This includes fixing already existing nodes. - modo Lump procedural node included (generated by 'modo Procedural Node Builder') v0.7.1 - New modo icons (The Foundry style) - Showing selected AOV in a new Preview windows is now supported in modo 701 - 'Save Scene' and 'Save Scene As...' options from moma's UI (Prefs tab) to make sure that all moma's settings are saved correctly ('Save Scene' already exists in Alt + RMB menu). It's highly recommended to save your scene from this menu when using moma. - PNG and PNG16 support as render formats - New approach in the way that scene data is being written/read that results in a better performance in certain situations - Option (MMB menu) to save an Alembic file in Maya's scene folder when caching/rendering the scene - Micropoly Displacement options added to AA tab - New 701 'Environment Importance Sampling' options added to GI tab - New 701 'Layered' type of Fog added to Fog options in Env tab. - Option to delete a node from the 'Shader Tree Viewer' - 'moma Notes' added as custom attribute to lights, meshes and file nodes to store quick notes - Bug fixed that caused animated deformation not to be transfered into modo 701 when caching on 'Animation' mode - Bug fixed that caused an error when using moma with HDR Light Studio Live and modo 701 - Bug fixed that caused errors when updating layers visibility if they didn't exist in modo but they did in Maya - Blister modo procedural included (as every other procedural, it was generated with moma's 'modo Procedural Node Builder') - moma v0.7.1 is released under LGPL (in transition to be released under GPL in the future), which makes it officially free for commercial or personal use (keep in mind that it's still in beta stage, and releases might expire when they get to the end of a cycle and a new version is available) - Internet connection is not longer required to lunch moma (no license file) - Minor cleanup, bugs fixed, and improvementsv0.7.0 - Support for Gradients in 701 when using Live Update - Support for modo Camera DOF, motion blur and stereo in 701 - Showing progress bar when using 'Maya material to modo shader' - Minor bugs fixed v0.6.95 - Support for Physical Sun in 701 when using Live Update - Bug fixed that caused an error when launching moma (v0.6.9) v0.6.9 - 'Isolate Selection' tool ('Ctrl + RMB' menu) that will isolate the selected objects while still keeping the hidden objects casting shadows, reflections, GI, etc... v0.6.8 - 'Pin Light' tool ('Prefs' tab) to place lights based on the mouse cursor position over a mesh (experimental) - In 'Materials' mode, When selecting an object with a modo shader applied to it, Shader Tree Viewer will automatically open/update to show the new selected material - Little icon added on render buttonv 0.6.7 - Option to select the effect to view in Preview ('Preview Options') - Multiple objects transformations are now supported in Preview - Option to open the Hypershade and display the selected node stream ('Shader Tree Viewer') - User guide updated with latest changes/additions v0.6.59 - Option to execute a command or a script based on current selection in Maya ('modo Command/Script' editor) - Option to save code snippets to be reused later ('modo Command/Script' editor) - Better error handling when trying to run a command that would fail in modo ('modo Command/Script' editor) - Bug fixed that caused Maya to freeze when trying to run an empty script or command ('modo Command/Script' editor) v0.6.56 - Bug fixed that caused moma's UI not to refresh correctly when setting scene saved values at start up - Bug fixed that caused caustics parameters not to affect the scene when rendering, but when using Preview only v0.6.55 - Caustic parameters added to moma's GI tab - Bug fixed that could cause and error when trying to add selected objects/lights to render ('Add Selected Objects/Lights') v0.6.52 - Bug fixed in modo's 'moma Tools' that caused not to work when 'Selection Only' was disabled - Bug fixed in modo's 'moma Tools' taht caused to try performing normals smoothing and UV operations on cameras, causing an error v0.6.51 - Bug fixed in modo's 'moma Tools' that caused to send over to Maya different objects than the ones selected - 'Delete Empty Meshes' feature in 'moma Tools' now added as a separate tool v0.6.5 - Low/High values added for environment images when in IBL mode ('Env -> IBL' tab) - 'Matte' AOVs values added ('Matte' tab in 'Shader Tree Viewer') - Bug fixed where a wrong default value was assigned to Live Update status, causing an error when trying to run moma for the first time on latest releases - Bug fixed where AOVs 'Maximum Depth' value wasn't being applied correctly to 'volume.depth' passes - Bug fixed in modo's 'moma Tools' that caused not to send the selected polygons when in component mode, but the whole object - Bug fixed in modo's 'moma Tools' to avoid including a default camera with the data that is sent over to Maya v0.6.4 - Matte layout in 'Shader Tree Viewer' that allows to create multiple AOV mattes per material - 'Shader' rollout values in modo Shader now update live - Like in modo, Indirect Rays and Irradiance Rays are now separated parameters (useful when having materials that use a different GI method than the rest of the scene) - 'Save Scene' option (Alt + RMB menu) that will save the current Maya scene plus an LXO file for it. It will also make sure that all parameters in moma's UI get saved correctly with the scene - When a 'Shader' or a 'Render Output' node is selected on the 'Shader Tree Viewer' the current material will be selected - Bug fixed that didn't allow to set GI indirect rays higher than 999 - Some tooltips updated in moma's UI v0.6.3 - Open EXR 16 (half-float) format support added - Default rendering format set to EXR 16 (half-float) - 'Shading rate' parameter added to moma's AA tab - 'Render Irradiance Cache' tool (RMB menu) that will render an irradiance cache map twice bigger as the render size and will automatically load it for later use - Bug fixed on transformation matrix that caused objects to be scaled when being rotate while using Objects Live Update v0.6.2 - 'Objects Live Update' option added. It will update live objects basic transformations (position, rotation and scale) when enabled - Live Update options are now available from a drop down menu in the 'Prefs' tab - Enabling/disabling Preview after switching to a different type of item for Live Update is not longer necessary - Change in 'Referencing tools' to include only visible polygon meshes in the layers that get created when importing reference files into the scene - 'Output Gamma' parameter moved to the AOV tab - Bug fixed on 'Select subdivided' tool that caused an error in certain situations - User guide updated to include new changes v0.6.1 - Added tool to select all objects in the scene that have some level of display subdivision - Option to keep the temporary Alembic file used to transfer geo and vertex deformation in disk (MMB menu) - Tool that duplicates reference files and adds a sufix to its name, and then updates their path in the reference editor (Shift + RMB menu, 'Reference Tools') - Tool to import Maya referenced files into the scene and organize their content in display layers (Shift + RMB menu, 'Reference Tools') - Tool to replace display layer's content by the original reference file that layer was created from (Shift + RMB menu, 'Reference Tools') - Improvements in 'Clean Names' function, which is part of the 'Fix Scene' tool - Added the option to specify the character that will replace illegal characters when using 'Clean Names' - Bug fixed on modo's moma Tools that caused geometry not to be sent to Maya in situations where it couldn't delete empty meshes - When Maya closes, modo instance (console) will close as well - Tool to open current Maya file folder (Alt + RMB menu) - A few more changes towards 701 compatibility - Update in user guide to include new changes v0.6.0 - 'Lambert to modo Shader' is now 'Maya material to modo Shader', and it will convert several type of Maya materials to modo Shaders - Improvement in 'Maya material to modo Shader' tool to clean file texture nodes names automatically - 'Bake Camera' function improved to work with cameras that have transformation channels locked, and to clean up any descendents from the resulting baked camera - 'Clean Names' function improved by adding cameras, display layers, several Maya shaders and locators support - New'Color' parameter ('Display' rollout) in modo's shader used to define the color displayed in viewport (Specular Color also contributes to viewport's values) - Some items have been re-arranged between Shift + RMB and Ctrl + RMB menus - New tools added to Shift + RMB menu to live update the subdivision level on selected objects - Tool to make a copy of all textures used by modo shaders in the scene to a specified folder and then re-assign them to each file node. An option to revert it back was also added. This is useful when having textures on a slow network, so a temporary local copy can be made to work faster and then point the textures back to their original path - Bug fixed that was introduced in v0.5.9 and that caused some environment parameters to be shifted, like constant color and IBL parameters, making them unusable - Bug fixed in 'Fix Hierarchies' tool that cause an error in certain situations when using reference files - Tooltips updated on new features (moma's UI) - User guide updated to include latest features and changes v0.5.9 - 'Clean Names' option will include other type of nodes besides transform nodes - 'Spread Angle' parameter added for Physical Sun (Env tab) - 'Static Mesh' property added to meshes so they will be treated as static meshes by modo, improving memory footprint - New Shift + RMB menu that has two functions to help enabling/disabling multiple objects to be used as static meshes or render booleans - When using the 'Subdivision' button, if nothing is selected it will set the subdivision type for all objects in the scene based on Maya's display subdivision level - (Organic) 'Veins' procedural included - Tool that converts Maya shaders to modo shaders. Still in progress and it only supports Lambert shaders with textures in their color channel at this point - Option to make modo's default material double sided (the material assigned by default to those objects with no specific modo shader assigned to them in Maya's scene) - Confirmation dialog when using 'Cache Scene' in animation mode - 'Surface Normal' option on meshes added. When disabled the normal smoothing information gotten from Maya will be deleted and the smoothing angle from the material applied to that object will be used instead. Useful to fix some smoothing problems that these maps can generate in some situations - Tool to remove surface normal maps from multiple selected objects (Shift + RMB) - Progress bar displayed when saving LXO - 'Open Render Folder' option added to Alt + RMB menu - Temporary *.anim files generated when using Fix Hierarchies, if needed, are now saved in a subfolder called '_anim' in the Maya scene folder - Documentation updated to include new changes and features made in this current release - A couple of minor changes towards supporting modo 701 - Bug fixed that caused an error when trying to retrieve camera's custom values while caching if camera name contained illegal characters - Bug fixed that limited 'Render Booleans' to only one object - Bug fixed on 'Clean Names' utility that caused the renaming process to fail in certain situations - Bug fixed that caused an error when trying to add a modo extra material by using 'Add Selected Node' v0.5.8 - 'Add Current Material' tool on 'Shader Tree Viewer' to update newly created materials without having to refresh the whole scene, helping to speed up iteration, especially on heavy scenes - Improved 'Clean Names' function in 'moma Tools' (modo). Now it will avoid double underscore or using underscore at the end of a name - Option to choose between using Alembic or OBJ to transfer geometry from modo to Maya. Alembic is still recommended. Use OBJ only if having problems with Alembic (modo). - 'Scale' option in moma Tools that will affect the scale of the geometry sent into Maya. Default value is 1.0, which means no scaling (modo) - Updates in the User Guide to reflect changes in the last two releases, and to add information about 'moma Tools' in modo v0.5.7 - Bug fixed that caused an error when trying to cache geometry based on visible layers when they contained certain type of nodes - Bug fixed that caused modo not to get Maya's frame rate properly - Bug fixed that caused camera custom parameters not to update if there were several cameras in the scene with the same shape name - Error handling improved in different areas - Preview saves automatically a Targa image on disk everytime it refreshes - Tool to bake a selected camera and create a new version of it that it's parented to the world and it's more 'moma friendly' (Ctrl + RMB menu). - Console is enabled by default now v0.5.6 - Bug fixed that caused, in a few cases, materials not be assigned to the objects they were supposed to be assigned to - Bug fixed that caused, in a few cases, file nodes applied as layers in the same channel to get their image file swapped by the one from the node being adjusted when using 'Live Material Update' - Bug fixed that caused an error when using some functions from the RMB menu inside the 'Shader Tree Viewer' if there wasn't any layer selected - PDF User Guide finished. All what you need to know about moma is in there. v0.5.5 - New 'Render' field to set the path/name of your renders has been added (AOV tab). If nothing is set (or set to a non existing folder), moma's 'data' folder will be used (as it was being used before as the only option). - Bug fixed that caused 'Roughness' value not to be applied correctly in some situations - Bug fixed that caused an error when trying to send data from modo to Maya using moma tools when moma's ini file didn't exist - Bug fixed that caused display layers to get duplicated internally in modo when rendering or updating values - Bug fixed that caused render not to open in player when using 'Open render in player' even though the path was properly set, unless moma was restarted v0.5.4 - Bug fixed that caused an error when trying to cache a scene that had display layers in it, and objects transform and shape nodes names were the same - Bug fixed that caused an error in some situations when changing a 'Layered Texture' node values, and made Preview live updates stop working for that node - Bug fixed that could cause an error in certain situations when having an empty 'Layered Texture' node applied to a modo shader - Bug fixed that caused Maya not to update the attributes panel to display based on the current selection - Maya port automatically opens up when moma runs, and it closes when moma gets closed (it still can be done manually as well) - Physical Sky and background visibility are disabled by default now v0.5.3 - 'Save LXO' check box option has a different function now (previous function became obsolete with the addition of the 'Save LXO' button). Now, when enabled, an LXO file with the same name/path as the current Maya scene will be saved when the Maya scene is saved. - 'Cache Scene From LXO' option added. I will try to cache the scene from an existing LXO file, which means that it will skip all the parts that can make that process to be slow (geometry conversion, materials assignement, data gathering, etc...). If no LXO is found, it will show a message asking to use 'Cache Scene' instead. - When an LXO is saved using the 'Save LXO' button, moma's render settings values will be properly written into Maya's scene if they haven't been updated while iterating with Preview - Change in 'Cache Scene' to be more accurate (a bit slower though) when updating materials assignements - Render camera (drop down menu in AOV tab) will be saved with the scene - Bug fixed that caused a texture/node opacity set to 0.0% when disabling its visibility while having and alpha mask applied to it - Camera navigation directly in Preview window is supported now, usefull when iterating on materials without having to change the scene camera. Also, feedback is faster than moving the camera directly in viewport. RMB = Pan in X and Y Shift + RMB = Rotate Ctrl + Shift + RMB = Pan in Y and Z Ctrl + RMB = Focal Length NOTE: Not really usable yet since camera's movement is not as it should. It's enabled for testing purposes v0.5.2 - moma tools inside modo: send geometry and geometry animation from modo to Maya - Tool to rename all objects shapes in the scene and make their name unique. Maya allows to have the same shape name on several objects and that can cause problems with Alembic - New tools menu (Ctrl + RMB click on moma's UI). Some existing tools have been moved here. - New shortcuts on Render button: Ctrl + Alt + LMB = Cache Scene, Shift + Alt + LMB = Open Preview - Fixed bug that caused an error when using 'Add Selected Objects/Lights' with certain objects - 'Add Selected Objects/Lights' will ask you if you want to send geometry animation as well - 'Cruddy (Noise)' procedural included - modo groups are automatically created based on display layers - 'Update Layers Visibility' tool (RMB menu) to update layers visibility in Preview - If modo's path is not set correctly moma will ask you to set it again instead of just giving an error - More content added to the PDF user guide (Alt + RMB menu to open it) v0.5.1 - Improvement on socket connections error handling and value querying - Center material name properly in 'Shader Tree Viewer' - When using 'Add Selected Node', it won't add anything if it already exists - Change in moma's installer to help preventing some errors that happen in certain configurations - Documentation in PDF included with install. Alt + RMB menu to open it. NOTE: It's not completed. It will for next release. - Texture or node used in Layered Texture alpha can be added using 'Add Selected Node' now from 'Shader Tree Viewer' - 'Select Alpha' option in 'Shader Tree Viewer' for nodes that have an alpha (double-click on a node in the list) - Text label that shows if a selected node in the 'Shader Tree Viewer' has an alpha and what has as an alpha - When a new scene is loaded while moma's UI is open, settings will get updated without needing to close it and open it back - 'Update Render Settings' tool in RMB menu (Alt + Render) will save the settings with the scene, so there's no need to do a full refresh or render before saving the scene after iterating with Preview to get moma's settings saved v0.5 - Major feedback speed improvement when tweaking materials and lights parameters while using Preview - All supported moma nodes now will work with Live Update: all type of supported lights, all modo materials, image maps (Maya file nodes), gradient nodes, occlusion nodes, constant nodes and all installed procedurals (and automatically any that you generate and install later on) - Live Update supported for Render Settings in moma's UI - Major speed improvement on launching Shader Tree Viewer - When using MMB click on Shader Tree Viewer it will un-select everything on the list and in the scene - Camera navigation update in Preview is a bit faster and more robust - Render Region works with Preview now - Multiple AOV's can be previewed at once and their values will update in real time - Option to Render without re-updating the scene, just to render out what's already updated in Preview. This will make rendering faster (Ctrl + Shift + LMB on 'Render' button, or 'Render Current' on RMB menu) - Tool to select in Maya the objects that are treated as Replicators in modo (RMB menu) and make them all unique at once - Area Light Width and Height set to 2.0 by default to visually match Maya's area light size in viewport - Option to force updating only moma's Render Settings when using Preview (Alt + LMB on 'Render' button) - When selecting an item in Shader Tree Viewer, it will unselect all and then select the chosen item (that will automatically allow for Live Update use) - Option to select material from Shader Tree Viewer from RMB menu - 'Save LXO' button in the 'Prefs' tab that will save an LXO of the scene in its current state, without having to Update Values or Render and having the 'Save LXO' checkbox enabled - Default displacement quality in Preview improved - Displacement as Bump support added (Prefs tab) - Render frames step value forced to stay at 1 - Console log is enabled when using Cache Scene as well (before it only got enabled after using 'Render') - Refresh button on render cameras list (AOV tab) - Minor bug fixed that caused some materials not to update properly when 'Blurry Reflection' was enabled - Bug fixed that caused AOV parameters not to be updated when previewing them by double clicking on them and opening a Preview window afterwards - Bug that caused some conflicts with cameras in a hierarchy when being set on the Render Cameras drop down menu (AOV tab) - Tools order re-arrangement in RMB menu - Option to select 'Layered Texture' node a texture belongs to from the 'Shader Tree Viewer' list - 'Layered Texture' node parameters (visibility, alpha and blending) work with Live Update - Changes in 'modo Procedural Node Builder' to generate procedurals in a way that makes them compatible with 'Material Live Update' - Change in already included procedurals to work with 'Material Live Update' - Default UI dock position as a preference (right position is the default) from MMB menu - Option to update layers order from 'Shader Tree Viewer' (RMB menu: 'Update Order') - Name of the material currently being active in 'Shader Tree Viewer' is displayed on top - Pixar SubDs support (Prefs tab) - A new tool has been added to the 'Shader Tree Viewer' to add newly created nodes to modo so it won't be necessary to refresh the whole scene to update them in Preview - When using 'Update Render Settings' (Alt + LMB on 'Render' button), values on 'Image Size' roll-out (Maya's Render Settings panel) will get updated as well - 'Add Selection' renamed to 'Add Selected Objects/Lights' since it now supports adding new lights as well without having to refresh - Normal map support added to modo's BRDF shader (on 'Special Effects' rollout) - When the time slider moves, any geometry that is animated and that has been previously cached will update its animation in Preview v0.4.9 - Option to force a more accurate update when using Preview if some materials are not updated correctly (RMB menu) - Option to make objects unique so they're not treated as replicators by modo (RMB menu) - When double-clicking on an AOV, it will be displayed on the next Preview window that gets opened - Option to set the camera to be used for rendering, other than the default viewing camera (AOV tab) - Popup menu (RMB menu) has been split in two menus: regular RMB click, and Alt+RMB click. v0.4.8 - 'Special Effects' channels: Stencil, RGBA and Anisotropiy Direction added to modo shader - UV transform parameters are now included when generating new procedurals using 'modo Procedural Node Builder' - UV transform parameters added to already included procedural textures - Noise, Crackle, Multi-Fractal and Granite procedurals included - Batch mode to generate and install multiple procedurals at once from 'modo Procedural Node Builder' - Minor bugs fixed on Render Booleans v0.4.7 - Hair material added, including texture mapping support - modo Render Booleans added - Dented and Marble Noise procedurals included - Bug fixed that sometimes caused an error when using 'Select in modo' on meshes in a hierarchy v0.4.6 - Skin material added, including texture mapping support - Gradient Skin input parameters added - Stucco procedural included - 'Replace selected objects' option added to RMB menu - modo Procedural Node Builder supports entering three comma separated float values on color parameters, or one single float value for greyscale color values - Fixed bug that caused an error when using 'Select in modo' on objects that had the same name on their transform and shape nodes - 'Select in modo' now will select everything if nothing is selected, visible geometry if display layers exist in the scene, or just selected objects if there's any selected v0.4.5 - Fur material added, including texture mapping support - Gradient Fur input parameters added - A list of the objects being rendered/previewed is now stored as a quick selection set for easy access later on - Extra attribute added to Layered Texture node to show Maya/modo blending modes equivalence (not an active parameter, just informative) - modo Constant node is now supported on scalar inputs - UI tooltips added - Added 'Select in modo' function in RMB menu to internally select in modo whatever objects are currently selected in Maya. Useful to use in combination with the Command/Script console - Fixed bug that caused image maps (Maya file node) used as extra materials alpha not to work - Fixed bug that caused Alpha, Blending mode and Visibility parameters not to work for modo extra materials layered textures channels - Fixed bug that caused procedurals not to be recognized when texturing currently supported additional materials channels (Cel Edges, Cel Material, Halftone and Fur Material) - Fixed bug in included procedurals that caused an error when used in scalar parameters, making not all the procedural values to be applied properly - Fixed bug in 'modo Procedural Node Builder' that created procedurals with the previous mentioned issue v0.4.1 - Fixed bug that caused Maya not to update showing current selection attributes - Fixed bug that caused redundance in live udpate, improving performance - Fixed bug that caused conflict when more than one 'live update' option was enabled - When 'Live Update Materials' is On, object's modo shader will automatically be selected when selecting an object having previously nothing selected v0.4 - When "Full Camera Update" option is enabled, all supported and custom camera parameters will update in Preview when changing their values - Preview window is always on top - Icons added to moma's shading nodes - Console is now hidden by default (it can be turned ON from MMB menu) - Aligning faces normals is now optional (Prefs tab). Before it was always performed during rendering/caching. Many times is not necessary and it can take a while in complex scenes - Bug fixed that caused 'Blur Reflection' and 'Reflection Rays' not to work when 'Match Specular' was enabled if 'Reflection Amount' and 'Reflection Fresnel' were set at zero - IBL Environment X and Z rotation axis are now working - Live update in Preview can be turned on/off for lights and selected material (MMB menu). This is still a partial implementation. v0.3.9 - Fixed bug that caused a rendering error when using Cel Edges Material or Halftone Material. - Fixed bug MMB menu that could cause moma not to run or render in Maya 2012 SAP - Enabling/disabling DOF, Motion Blur, Stereoscopic Camera or Clipping Plane checkboxes will force Preview to refresh only if 'Full Camera Update' is enabled (disable and enable 'Preview' checkbox might be necessary to refresh that flag) - Fixed redundance that caused moma to launch twice when executed for the first time after starting Maya (moma's shelf needs to be reinstalled using moma's installer) v0.3.8 - modo custom camera parameters (DOF, Motion Blur, etc...) will update correctly in Preview now when enabling "Full camera Update" (middle-click menu) - Enabling/disabling DOF, Motion Blur, Stereoscopic Camera or Clipping Plane checkboxes will force Preview to refresh - Automatic updates checking can be enabled/disabled (middle-click menu) v0.3.7 - At start up moma will automatically check if a newer version is available - Minor bugs fixed v0.3.6 - Preview will automatically refresh when adjusting camera's focal length or FOV - Option to show/hide console when starting moma (middle-click menu). At this point it's just for debugging purposes. It's recommended to keep it enabled - Removed top menu (it was disabled, and the same options are available using right-clik on moma's UI) v0.3.5 - New QT based GUI - Important internal changes for easier scalability - Some parameters get enabled/disabled on moma's UI based on if they can be used or not - Bake tab removed until baking tools get finished - Added Help, About, Give Feedback, Report Bug and Submit Procedural links from right-click popup menu - Minor bugs fixed v0.3 - Implemented system to automatically install and support procedurals created by the 'modo Procedural Node Builder' tool - moma's UI is now dockable - fBm, Agate, Bozo and ArtDeco procedurals, generated using moma's 'modo Procedural Node Builder' tool, already included - Minor bugs fixes - Known issues: render will give an error when moma's UI is docked. Don't use for now. v0.2.5 - modo Procedural Node Builder: a tool to generate modo's procedurals to be supported by moma - Improvement in Preview response and speed when camera is being moved - modo's Fog included in the new 'Global' tab - Bug fixed where Constant node wasn't applied correctly when used in a non-color channel - Minor bugs fixes v0.2 - Environment node added (mainly to use with HDRLightStudio Live) - Added warning when moma tries to install custom shaders when not running Maya as Administrator - Integration with HDRLightStudio Live v0.1.9 - modo Gradient node can be used as an alpha now (layer mask) - modo Occlusion node can be used as an alpha now (layer mask) - Support for Maya beta releases when doing version checking v0.1.8 - Fixes in Preview that caused some instability - Added spectral samples parameter to AA tab v0.1.7 - modo Constant node added. It works exactly the same as adding an empty layer (color) in a Layered Texture node, but using a Constant node instead will allow to re-order it in the Shader Tree stack if it's necessary. v0.1.6 - Fixed bug that caused redundance when using 'Cache Scene', which makes it now a bit faster - Edge Width, Angle, Cell Offset and Tiles input parameters added to the Gradient node v0.1.5 - Added alpha mask support (image map only) for modo materials used in modo shader 'materials' channel v0.1.4 - Halftone material fully implemented (including ability to map its color, tiles, angle and cell offset channels) - Error handling when changing layers order in Shader Tree Viewer while there's a bad name - Hitting the Render button while having the CTRL key pressed it will work as the 'Update Values' tool (Preview) v0.1.3 - Important change in moma's core to support channel mapping on any type of modo material besides the default BRDF material - Cel Edge Material fully implemented (including ability to map its edge weight and color) - Cel Material fully implemented - Error handling when trying to select a node from the Shader Tree Viewer that is being used in more than one channel - Material values are updated correctly in Preview when opening Shader Tree Viewer - Improved path checking by moma's installer v0.1.2 - Option to add new objects to an already cached scene (useful when using Preview) - Change in modoShader node and moma's core to allow implementation of other modo materials - Cel Edge Material partially implemented v0.1.1 - modo lights module internal restructuring - Bug when internally setting Spot Lights rotation order - Bug when setting volumetric light color - Custom shaders are loaded/unloaded in a cleaner way - Check for currently used Maya version and warning if not supported - Keep original selection after using 'Update Values' - Message shown when toggle to Poly or SubD v0.1 - Initial beta release
- Geometry - modo SubDs - UVs - Vertex animation (deformations) - Cameras - Cameras animation - modo Area lights - modo IES lights - modo Portal lights - modo Directional lights - modo Point lights - modo Dome lights - modo Spot lights - modo Volumetric lights - Layered texture (required to mimic modo's layering approach) - File texture (with most of modo's image node options) - modo's BDRF Material - modo Fur Material - modo Cel Edges Material - modo Cel Material - modo Halftone Material - modo Skin Material - modo Hair Material - modo's Occlusion node - modo Gradient node - modo Shader node and shader visibility options per material - Alpha options per material (including Shadow Catcher) - Constant color environment - Physical Sky - IBL (including sIBL format support) - Physical Sun - modo's GI settings - modo's Antialiasing/Raytrace Settings - modo's AOVs - Multilayer EXR, PSD, Targa and JPEG render formats - Render region - Linear workflow - Option to open Maya scene in modo - Generates a LXO file - Maya render layers partial support - Maya display layers - Motion Blur - DOF - modo Stereo camera - Clipping plane - Show render cells - modo Preview Render - Under the mouse render refinement on Preview - Scene optimization utilities - modo Commands/Python scripting console - Shader Tree nodes viewer - HDR Light Studio Live support - modo Procedural Node Builder - Support for any modo procedural texture - Dockable custom QT based UI - modo Render Booleans

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